Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Ivan Hammerschlag
Non-Executive Chairman of RCG Corporation
Ivan has had over 35 years of specialist retail experience, including as Chief Executive Officer (‘CEO’) and shareholder in Freedom Furniture prior to its Initial Public Offering (‘IPO’). He has also chaired, managed and invested in a number of other successful retail and other businesses. Ivan has been Chairman of RCG since October 2006.

Hilton Brett
Co-Chief Executive Officer of RCG Corporation
Hilton has extensive retailing and franchising experience and proven skills in maximising opportunities in acquiring, growing, re-engineering and selling businesses. Hilton joined RCG as an Executive Director in December 2006 and assumed day-to-day responsibility for re-engineering the business through rationalisation and acquisition. Hilton has been CEO since July 2012, and effective 2 August 2016 is Co-CEO with Daniel Agostinelli.

Daniel Agostinelli
Co-Chief Executive Officer of RCG Corporation
Daniel oversees the day to day operations of Accent Group. He has over 30 years of retail experience and was formerly the CEO of Sanity Music and part owner of the Ghetto Shoes sneaker business. Daniel has been with Accent Group since 2006 and CEO of Accent Group since March 2015. On 2 August 2016, Daniel was appointed Co-CEO of RCG Corporation with Hilton Brett.

Michael Hirschowitz
Group Chief Financial Officer and Finance Director of RCG Corporation
Michael has extensive experience in retail. He joined The Athlete’s Foot in 1996 and worked in various capacities before becoming Commercial Director in 2002. On the formation of RCG he became Chief Financial Officer. Michael has been Finance Director since July 2006.

Michael Hapgood
Non-Executive Chairman of Accent Group and Non-Executive Director of RCG Corporation
A founding director and shareholder of Accent, Michael is highly experienced and has extensive knowledge of working with global brands. Michael was appointed CEO of Accent in 1998 and has been intimately involved in the development of all major strategic initiatives of the business since its inception. Effective 2 August 2016, Michael relinquished all executive roles and continues as Non-Executive Chairman of Accent group and Non-Executive Director of RCG Corporation.

Craig Thompson
Non-Executive Director
Craig is a co-founder of Accent Group and was appointed Chairman upon its inception. Craig is a widely experienced company director and has been intimately involved in business in multiple sectors. Craig has held directorships in listed and private companies in media, insurance, finance, retirement villages, retailing and on-line trading sectors. Craig has been Non-Executive Director since March 2015.

David Gordon
Non-Executive Director
David was a former Mergers and Acquisitions partner at Freehills and corporate advisory firm Wentworth Associates. He is also the founder of Lexicon Partners, an independent advisory and investment firm. He has over 30 years’ experience advising companies, funds and high net worth individuals on complex corporate transactions. David is Chairman of Ten Network Holdings Limited. He has been a director of RCG since October 2006.

Stephen Kulmar
Non-Executive Director
Steve is the former CEO of IdeaWorks and is currently the CEO of Retail Oasis, a retail marketing consultancy business. Steve has over 40 years’ experience in advertising and has extensive experience in retail strategy, brand strategy, channel to market strategy, business re-engineering and new retail business development. Steve sits on a number of boards as a Non-Executive Director, including Thorn Group Limited. He has been a director of RCG since August 2007.

Daniel Gilbert
Executive Director of RCG, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Hype DC
Daniel is the co-founder of Hype DC which he established together with his wife, Cindy, 18 years ago with the opening of their first store in the Sydney suburb of Mosman. They have since built a substantial business which has become Australia’s premier destination for premium, exclusive and limited edition sneakers. Daniel was appointed to the RCG Board on 4 August 2016 on the completion of RCG’s acquisition of Hype DC.